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Renderings and 3D Architecture

Renderings and 3D Architecture

We offer a hyper-realistic vision of the project not yet built, facilitating decision-making in terms of spaces, materials and finishes. Our 3D infographics add added value in the commercialization of the property.

3D Interior Design | 3D Infographic

3D Interior Design | 3D infographic

We project the interior design of any type of space through highly realistic images, defining the details and finishes that the space requires prior to turning them into a real project.

3D Virtual Reality

3D Virtual Reality

We work at the forefront of the latest technologies, incorporating 3D virtual reality into our projects architectural visualization. The exterior and interior vision of the property provides a global image of the project.

360º Virtual Tour | 3D Video animation

360º Virtual Tour

With the virtual tours you will live a total immersion in the designed project: walk between its rooms, Get to know the spaces, interact with the elements and observe the small details in which quality will make your experience credible.

The new technologies in architectural visualization

The architectural visualization and 360 virtual tour projects developed for our clients guarantee the quality of our service. Our extensive experience, always based on the use of new technologies applied to architecture, allows us to state that our work has become one of the main tools of real estate marketing facilitating the work of sale, helping in the process of communication and shortening the time of commercialization of real estate projects.


Boutique hotel and flats to be built in the city of Malaga, and whose presentation is accompanied by a video...

Interior design video of the boutique hotel and apartments


The studio of the Galician architect Germán Camino is the author of the landscaping and improvement project for the Porto...

3D video of architecture and landscape render in Valga (Galicia).


A new international project that takes us to the Persian Gulf city of Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates....

3D Renderings for a club house in Dubai.

360 Architectural Studio

We are a company open to the world, to information and knowledge. That is why we share the latest news related to architectural visualization and advice that may be of interest. But we also share the successes of our work and the recognition of those customers who have placed their trust in esferarquitectura for the development of their projects.

360 Virtual tour and Interactive walkthrough

Using 3D Virtual Reality as a Sales Tool

Photorealistic architectural renderings are very useful when it comes to highlighting the architect’s work, because it allows potential clients to really appreciate every single detail of a creation and give...


Benefits of 3D interactive walkthrough animation

This kind of virtual tour 360 has become very innovative when it comes to architectural renderings, because it allows the client to walk through their future home and evaluate its...


The works of the Alameda Principal of Málaga begin

The execution of this project of urban design in which we collaborate closely from the beginning with the Urban Management of Malaga is an integral project that covers several phases,...