The works of the Alameda Principal of Málaga begin

La Alameda Principal de Málaga, proyecto donde participa esferarquitectura

por : esferarquitectura | 23 April, 2018

The execution of this project of urban design in which we collaborate closely from the beginning with the Urban Management of Malaga is an integral project that covers several phases, from the process of citizen participation (selected through architecture public competition ) to the execution of the work at present.

The design of the project, in which we also collaborated actively at the time, is developed from the point of view of urban recovery, the enhancement of nineteenth-century buildings or plant heritage with dozens of years of history. In addition, in the project we contribute the technical knowledge to develop the Infografías 3D of the final space, taking into account in detail the paving, bicycle lane, urban furniture and materials and textures.

The news has been published in several media. You can find out more by consulting Diario Sur, Málaga Hoy and La Opinión de Málaga, among others.