Architectural visualization and renderings as marketing tools

Architectural visualization and renderings as marketing tools

por : esferarquitectura | 28 February, 2019

Architectural visualization as well as architectural renderings are considered very powerful tools to improve the client portfolio of the company and therefore, to increase sales of several properties.

Through architectural visualization we can expose to the client all the different environments and looks a property may have. You, as a designer, can get as creative as you want and prove the quality of your design by exposing it to different weathers, like a rainy day or a beautiful winter morning. All through architectural visualization software, which can make your presentation look realistic and functional. There are different kinds of architectural visualizations used nowadays by companies; this will depend on what the client is interested in seeing in the property:

Architectural pictures

These kind of visualizations are all about the details and they use realistic effects so the client can appreciate the design of a certain area outside or inside a house, hotel, building or other kind of facility. When architects create architectural renderings, they need to take into account the space, the client’s needs and the decoration. These pictures must be very complete and give the client the feeling of being watching a finished and real space.

360 virtual tours and walkthroughs

Architectural renderings can also take place inside a facility throughout 360° virtual tours or virtual walkthroughs, which allow the client to visit a lot of options and choose the one that is most suitable for him or her. Remember that this tools are very versatile, giving space for the client and the architect to work together and create the perfect place.

Everyday there are more and more options to create very realistic architectural visualizations. For example, there is software which is programmed with different materials for furniture, carpets, walls, curtains. Whether it is for interiors or facades, this sort of software assures that any design you want to create can look as if it was real. Architectural renderings goes beyond placing furniture and flowers. Keep in mind that if a client is looking for a new home, then you need to build that feeling in your client’s mind. Hence, you should also recreate certain scenes inside your architectural visualizations like how a dining room would look on dinner time or where would they drink their coffee or tea? Therefore, it is very important to use these tools to involve the client with the property.

All the previous information tells us that Proptech settings inside real estate business are making big changes among architectural companies. Everything will be virtual and all the different transactions and deals will be done online, which will give the client a more direct contact with the architect and designers of the properties, leaving aside any agents this business used to work with. Proptech is the future of real estate, because this technology will take care of everything, from the way properties are executed, to the way they are assessed are commercialized. Although Proptech is still in an early stage, it is evident that it is progressing fast, which will give companies exciting challenges in the near future.