Benefits of 3D interactive walkthrough animation

The importance of a well done 3D interactive walkthrough animation

por : esferarquitectura | 5 March, 2019

This kind of virtual tour 360 has become very innovative when it comes to architectural renderings, because it allows the client to walk through their future home and evaluate its distribution, decoration and spaces, as well as the practicality of the design.

Create your future home

Through virtual reality walkthroughs, the clients can not only have a vision of their future homes, but also redecorate the spaces and change its distribution, since this 3D walkthrough rendering allows to move walls, furniture, change colors, among other features within the design, so they can fit with the clients lifestyle, job and needs.

Benefits of virtual reality staging

– By using VR staging or a 3D walkthrough animation you can save money on changing every single detail of the house you want to sell, because you can let the client reorganize the house virtually.

– Save time by avoiding hours of planning and, instead, focus on advertising all your potential houses to new clients.

– Have the opportunity to create fresh and modern spaces attractive to the clients. Remember that the less details a client changes,  the more reliability as an architect and as a designer you will have.

– Target and fit your available properties as much as you can in order to meet your clients preferences.

What is important about this kind of tour is to make it as interactive as it can be. In that way, the client will feel fully submerged into the experience. There are different kinds of interactive virtual tours a company can offer, some of them are basic, where the client is able to see the most important rooms of the house like the bedrooms, living room, dining room and the kitchen. Others are more advanced and they show other areas such as the garden and the garage, including the basic spaces.

Home design materials

A virtual tour 360 offers the architect the opportunity to expose the kind of materials that are to be used in different areas of a house like the kitchen, by placing texts while the interactive virtual tour takes place. They can also express measurements of different areas like the rooms or living room in case a client is interested in placing different kinds of furniture or appliances like a fridge or a washing machine.

The quality of the video will depend on the sorts of services you decide to buy; nevertheless, make sure it can be compatible with different virtual reality devices like Oculus rift, Samsung Gear or Cardboard VR.

Virtual reality is taking more and more marketing spaces nowadays, and real estate business has been one of them. Thus, it is a very powerful and useful tool to show more attractive houses, apartments or any other kinds of facilities which will help you to catch the clients’ attention and offer a different visiting experience to them, which can help you increase the company’s profit and meet the technological standards, in order to reach a more sophisticated and exclusive reputation among other architectural services.